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Spirulina - Nature's Multivitamin

Spirulina - Everything You Need to Know

Spirulina is a well known health supplement, but many people are still not recieving it's benefits. I myself discovered it a few years ago, and it has greatly added to my energy and wellness. Here we will look at the major benefits of Spirulina, and how you can add it to your routine.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina Powder

Spirulina as a naturally occuring pond scum that is rich in many natural benefits like vitamins and minerals. It is typically consumed in a powder or pill form, and I myself mix the powder with a morning shake.

It is a Cyanobacteria, better known as Algae. If harvested correctly it comes from safe and non-contaminated sources.

Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina powder is rich in many vitamins and is very healthy for you. For me personally, I feel much more energy, as well as digestive relief and better blood flow.

Here is a short list of the known benefits of Spirulina.

- Antidote for certain poisons
- High in vitamins and minerals
- Anti-allergen
- Blood pressure regulation
- Cholesterol Management
- Helps fight oral cancer
- Boosts Immunity
- Improves memory and protects the brain
- Anti-inflammatory
- Anti-oxidant
- Improves muscle strength and endurance.
- Helps blood sugar regulation
- Fights liver disease
- Helps weight loss
- Improves skin and bone health
- Fights radiation sickness
- Aids with PMS Symptoms
- Helps fight HIV/AIDS

Even this short list of benefits is quite amazing. It may be controversial spiritual hooplah to some, but Spirulina is said to help de-calcify our Pineal Gland, also known as the third eye.

How to Take Spirulina

Spirulina Powder

Spirulina is easy to take, and easy to buy at stores. I prefer to mix spirulina powder with my shake, as this is a very affordable option. It does not take a large amount, and I mix it in with other healthy ingredients, and Almond Milk.

How you choose to use it is up you, you can buy it in a store or order it online. I can guarantee that you will see results, and it will be very worth the small effort it takes to add in Spirulina to your life.