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Personal Motivation - The Deciding Factor

Personal Motivation

Motivation is a key when it comes to achieving your goals. For me, personal motivation has been the deciding factor between success and failure.

When I attempt something I want done, such as losing weight, quitting drugs, or finishing a project, I may not always succeed. I have actually failed at many things throughout my life. The important thing is that I learned from those failures.

On the other hand, I have also succeeded at many things. I did quit hard drugs for good. I did finish my website projects. I did lose 40 pounds in a few months. I did quit sodas and energy drinks for 3 months. I am not saying these things to brag, but to show that outcomes are different.

The deciding factor between these wins and losses has been Personal Motivation. What I mean by that is motivation that comes from within. Being motivated to accomplish your goals is crucial to actually succeeding.

Most of the goals and changes I am referring to are in the realm of health and wellness, but this can apply anywhere. It takes motivation to change, because for me health and wellness transformations have taken alot of work.

Many of us are trying to change bad habits that have taken alot of time to build up. For me, having that personal motivation gives me the boost I need to fight the bad habits I have developed mentally.

The point of this page is to explain how to find that personal motivation, and where it should come from. Where you get your motivation is up to you, but it is best if it comes from a true desire to better yourself.

Sometimes it is out of fear that I will die early from health complications, which is a legitimate but unneccessary fear.

Sometimes it is out of fear that I am missing out on life and could be living better if I took care of myself.

Once again fears are not the right motivation, even if they are effective.

Sometimes my motivation comes from feeling how awesome it is when I am finally taking care of myself, inside and out. This is the best motivation, and the best foundation for your wellness transformation. Better yourself because it is the right thing to do, and because of how good it feels.