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My Morning Wellness Tips

The morning is a crucial time for all of us, especially if we are trying to be healthy. Some people struggle with mornings, while others are happiest at this time. Whichever category you fall into, these morning wellness tips will set the stage for the rest of the day!

Get into a regular sleep pattern

This tip can be hard to follow, especially with the chaotic lives some of us live. Regardless, our bodies are programmed to fall into a sleep schedule whether we like it or not.

Do yourself a favor and try your best to get into a healthy sleep pattern. Start by not eating large meals, sugar, or drinking caffeine late at night. Going to be at a reasonable hour, and getting good rest is a huge factor.

Training your body to wake up early is the other part. It can take time, but good sleep makes it easy. If you wake up between 5-7am, you can experience some of the best sunlight of the morning.

Get Some Sunlight

This might not always be possible on a cloudy day, but it is important to add into your routine. Sunlight has been proven to help humans in so many ways, physically, mentally and spiritually. Early morning sunlight is said to have safe UV rays, that have extra benefits.

Whether you believe this or not, getting outside early in the morning is nothing but good. I recommend adding in physical activity like a brisk walk, yoga, or even more intense excercise. If not, reading a devotional or meditating on your porch is a great option.

Either way, try to get some sun when you start your day! For me, being in the sun makes me happier, even for a few minutes.

Drink Lots of Water - Include Lemon

We all know to stay hydrated, as hard as it can be to live up to it. Try to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. It is especially important in the morning, so I always try to get at least a couple in.

This helps your body detoxify itself, and for me it gives me great energy. These benefits are greatly increased by adding lemon into your water. I typically start with a quarter to a half of a whole lemon in a single glass of warm water.

Hot tea is also a great alternative that works with lemon, so find what you like best. I recommend drinking a warm glass of lemon water every morning.

Try Meditation / Devotionals

This recommendation is one that is more to each his own. I highly recommend adding in some sort of activity such as yoga, meditation, or reading a prayer book / devotional. It doesn't even have to be spiritual in nature.

Something to get your brain working. Possibly something to give you inspiration or motivation for the day. You can spend only a few minutes, or even spend much longer depending on your activity.

These types of things help me give my day purpose and meaning. Mostly they put things in perspective and help me be ready for a new day.

This is how to keep growing on the inside day by day, but starting out your mornings with wisdom and inspiration.

Have a Routine

Of course this whole article talks about things you should put in your routine, but sometimes having a routine to begin with helps.

I am a very scatterbrained person so I often did all these things but in random orders depending on my morning. There is nothing wrong with this, and it could work for some.

But also the morning is a time when it is easy to be disoriented, especially if you wake up still tired. Having that set routine helps you have a productive morning, as opposed to figuring it out half asleep.

Even planning out the things you want to do next morning, the night before, can be a very good idea.

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, so make it the best you can!

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